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About TrueGivers

Welcome to a new world of information; where you can realize your true fundraising potential no matter what size organization. Our goal is to enable organizations and partners to raise more money by using the latest data, information, and technologies without limitations. TrueGivers is at the forefront of the non-profit data and technology revolution, strategically poised between users who demand fast, easy and convenient options, and organizations intent on increasing revenues and building donor loyalty. Learn how our continuous innovation can transform your organization and help identify your true givers. Let's get out there together and ... find yours today!


  • Mark Dawson - Director, Partnerships & Resources, KickStart International

    "TrueGivers provided terrific insights into our donor base. The valuable information we received pointed us toward those prospects in whom we should be investing lots more time and energy. We were greatly encouraged by what we learned through working with DonorTrends, and now know there’s a lot of rich potential that was going un-mined. I’m confident that we will benefit greatly in being much more targeted in our efforts. We’re a small organization with a lean fundraising team, so we need to use our resources smartly. And now we can."

  • Anonymous - Director of Research, 4-Star Environmental Organization

    "We’ve been using our TrueGivers results to better inform, quickly and easily, our portfolio decisions at every level of engagement. We have found that mere capacity ratings are not enough, that it’s critical to know whether or not someone is philanthropic, with which organizations are they involved, and which have similar interests to our organization’s initiatives."

  • DeAndrea Russell - Prospect Research Manager, UNICEF

    "I feel more confident when I give my info to major gift officers. I am preparing them with strong information to make an ask. Now they can see prospects have given to similar organizations (as UNICEF) and they see these prospects have a history of giving a certain amount of money to charitable organizations. They have more concrete information to base their ask."

  • Elizabeth Crabtree - Director of Prospect Development, Brown University

    "TrueGivers is focused on what matters most – people who actually make philanthropic gifts. It is a powerful and unique resource that can be used on its own to quickly identify donors and their charitable interests or can be used to enhance sophisticated analytics and modeling projects. By providing important information and data variables on philanthropic gifts, TrueGivers is a perfect complement to traditional wealth screening products or can be a great primary resource for organizations that want a quick and easy screening tool to uncover individuals who have a demonstrated inclination to become donors."

  • Jay Goulart - Executive Director of Advancement , Ridley College

    "Once you step past capacity the journey towards authentic understanding of why an individual will act begins. Past performance may not predict future results with investments but it is a significant physiological piece in regards to human behavior. Putting together passion and belief patterns will help us create a more fulfilling fundraising experience for both the donor and the organization. TrueGivers is the key tool for aligning both tangible data with the intangible belief system of our prospects."