What We've Invented

Donor Dossier gives you the tools to research prospects and connect with independent researchers to improve your fundraising intelligence.

We’ve made the entire system feature-focused with your needs in mind.  Whether you’re an independent or full-time prospect researcher, a gift officer, or someone who is responsible for maintaining the integrity of processes and the supporting data, we hope you’ll find our platform easy to use – even with some of our most advanced features.

TrueNCOA is an innovation offering better, faster, and cheaper NCOA services for the non-profit industry.

What We're Inventing Now


Bringing the value of cooperative data exchanges to the small to mid-sized non-profit community

We are working on the future of cooperative databases in the non-profit industry.  Cooperative databases have only been accessible to very large institutions who can afford to pay big bucks for putting their data in and getting their data out.  We are engineering a revolutionary new approach to this problem.


Connecting local businesses and non-profits to build a better platform for community grants

Local businesses and non-profits have always had a strong connection via “micro grants”.  In the past it has been too difficult for non-profits to identify willing businesses and required a lot of effort for businesses to sift through the paperwork and support their local non-profits.  We are engineering a more streamlined process to help local businesses and non-profits get more value out of the granting process.